August 10, 2012
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General Contractor – Things That They Should Always Have

In any construction project, a general contractor is an absolute must. He is the person who overlooks the smooth functioning of the project. He is responsible for a number of duties, like purchasing the needed equipment, hiring manpower, subcontractors, obtaining licenses etcetera. He understands your specifications about the project and devotes himself towards its timely completion, whilst getting you the best of facilities. This enables you to concentrate on other businesses, without having to worry a lot about the construction.

Most contractors include the other expenditure variables like subcontractor fees, equipment costs etcetera in their fee, so you don’t have to worry about paying again and again. You can make one final payment at the end of the project, and that covers it all. However, it is very important to find a professional generral contractor. Here are three absolute must haves for a general contractor:

• If you are looking for the best general contractor, pick a person who has wide experience in construction projects. Inexperienced contractors often do an incompetent job. High quality work comes only from experience, and this cannot be compromised upon. He must at least have a year of experience to be considered worthy. Also, experienced contractors will have a plan of action ready for the project. They will do their work in a systematic way, saving time and money.  

• The second thing a contractor must have is a portfolio page that exhibits their past projects. This will give you a window to their previous work, and you can form an opinion on whether he is up to the job or not. If he has worked only on small housing constructions, he may not be able to handle a large shopping complex construction deal. Hiring an incompetent contractor will hurt your project and waste money. Also, the contractor must have a solid educational degree to support his profession.

• Finally, make sure to check if the contractor is offering insurance covered service. A professional contractor will offer his guaranteed services without even being questioned about it. Liability insurance is a must since it covers all the services being used. A licensed and guaranteed contractor will be confident in his work, and you will receive top quality services.

Remember the above points before hiring any general contractor for your project, and you are sure to receive nothing but the best service for your money!

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August 3, 2012
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Trends in the Commercial Construction Industry – Commercial Construction South Florida

In these current economic times, it is often hard to predict exactly what is going to happen, but there is some excitement in the commercial construction industry due to recent trends and developments.

More companies are starting to look at how to conserve energy. Green buildings are spreading across the commercial construction sector. These projects feature bamboo flooring, energy-efficient lighting, and also low VOC paints. All of these features are durable construction materials that contribute to the green industry. Going green also benefits owners with commercial building tax deductions.

There mare many up and coming franchises. Many people are using their 401 K plans to start their own franchises in the commercial construction industry. Food service in particular is being impacted. Many companies that previously had store-owned locations are considering the additions of franchised operations to their stable.

There are new, unique, innovations in store concepts. These companies are applying the concepts on open commercial space in key locations. There is more creative re-use of open commercial space. There is going to be an increase in shopping centers and retail construction innovation. Office and industrial construction is starting to increase as well.

Nanotechnology materials are being used in the commercial construction industry to increase and strengthen material properties and functions. Nanotechnology is a key factor in energy conservation. Some key benefits of this nanotechnology include strength enhancement, self-cleaning surfaces, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance.

The newest trends also show an increased emphasis on consumer behavior and demographics. Because of this, many companies are now putting an emphasis on strong workforce training. Some cities are also looking at developing real estate along present and future transit lines. These cities feel that there is a need to promote transit job locations to private companies.

Even though there are increased construction projects, they are actually decreasing in size as opposed to previous years. Owners continue to try to decrease costs and become more efficient.

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July 27, 2012
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Understanding the Tasks of a General Contractor – General Contractor South Florida

The fact is that a general contractor does not center on just one solitary solution. This is the sort of contractor that manages all the activities that you could have from different individual service providers such as roofing, flooring, glass installment, painting, renovating, and also the development itself. There are some service providers that could surpass your requirements, there are some that does not have the capacity to deliver what you need.

Identifying the ideal general contractor does not finish with identifying the one that is licensed to work. You also must ensure that they are the very best in the service that you prefer them to do. The most reliable means to do this is by examining their portfolio or gallery page. This is a web page in their web site that shows you the previous projects that they have actually done; roof covering, painting, designing, etc.

The jobs of this kind of contractor deal with plenty of areas, and it is yet natural for them to have their very own subcontractors. When coping with these kinds of professionals, you have to check out the gallery page of the subcontractor, not the general contractor. The subcontractor will definitely be the one to handle the task that you want, and you need to examine their background before contracting them for your venture.

Coordinates With the Architect:  The general contractor supervises the venture and also deals with the architect to ensure everything is carried out correctly. If differences emerge, the contractor and architect will certainly interact to address them in a professionally manner.

Provides Answers and Solutions: It’s typical for any sort of construction site and its employees to come across complications, and a general contractor that residents can depend on will definitely be the intermediary for that.

Pliable and Highly trained: A general contractor does not only need excellent ministerial skills to monitor the project; he or she needs to formulate a construction strategy prior to the job starting, deal with the payroll, deal with any emergencies, plan the budget, as well as do the hiring and terminating of employees.

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July 20, 2012
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Great Construction Project Management Tips – Construction Management Broward

In every great construction management, there must be a good construction project manager who must be willing to make commitments by helping his co-workers and customers. Also he or she must be responsible for keeping everyone informed and happy. In every construction managers have busy times that many matters arise. To avoid having difficulties in managing a construction, the manager must know the great construction project management tips.

Firstly, being organized is a very important tip to know. It is advisable to begin the day by writing down the list of things that will be needed to be completed. Remember to mark off the list if a task is completed. Also write down if something comes out and if a task is not completed start with it the next day. Completing the troublesome or difficult item first can be very helpful in avoiding procrastination. It will also help you to complete more tasks in a given time.

Secondly, being in a position of a project manager you must be able to follow up with customers, co-workers and vendors. Also ensure having proper communication flow by listening to all voice messages and returning those calls first.

Thirdly, be ethic. Never ever make promises or commitments that you will not be able to meet. Never say something is possible if it is not. By being an effective project manager, you must be trustful and remember never commit to anything you are not able to do for there is no room for excuses as a project manager.

You can be a great construction manager by visiting sites online that are helpful and they got great tips. There are software that are available online that can help you be an effective manager. They will give you all tips and aspects of a construction project. You will gain more training by the use of online training programs.

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July 13, 2012
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What Is Builder’s Risk Insurance? General Contractor Broward

While you are constructing any type of structure it is advisable for you to get builder’s risk insurance. It is not easy for you to get funding from lending institutions before you get the coveron your commercial construction project. With the policy, you are protected from vandalism, fire and damage by wind.  If you want additional cover against terrorism, floods and earthquakes you can have them added to your policy.   This package is usually bought by the person erecting the structure. Some general contractors are usually included in the policy as insured parties. Once you have the policy then whatever you are constructing is protected from any kind of loss. The supplies and materials found at the job site are also included in the cover.

When you are getting such an insurance policy make sure that you are working with a professional insurance broker. Sometimes the builder’s risk insurance policy is worth millions, in such cases you need to ensure that the policy adequately covers you in the event of a loss. The insurance broker will require an estimate cost of the materials and labor that will go into the construction of the building. In addition to that, they will need to know the worth of the completed structure.

A professional broker will make sure that they have additional details such as the scope and size of your project. They will ask you about the location of your structure, number of stories it will have, type of roofing and materials used. The information is used by underwriters to evaluate the amount of risk the insurance company is exposed to.

You should be able to provide details about the general contractor in charge of the project when applying for the policy. The service provider will need to know how long they have been in operation and the number of projects they have undertaken similar to yours. The insurance company will want to know if there are any losses that were reported in the previous projects.

During the application process the broker will want to know when the project is scheduled to begin. You also have to provide the dates when each stage of construction will take off. Certain construction stages are more risky than others and the broker needs to know when they will be taking place. Once  construction stage is over, the builder’s risk insurance has to be switched to property and liability insurance.

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July 6, 2012
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Hiring a General Contractor in Palm Beach: Checking for Complaints Before Hiring

Are you planning on building your dream house, or renovating your house to become one of the icons in the neighborhood of South Florida.If so its high time that you will be needing the services of a general contractor who will guide you  all through the necessary procedures involved in remodeling a house.Searching for the right contractor can be a  daunting task ,therefore ample care should be taken in deciding who  to settle for.

The foremost thing to do is ask around from friends and neighbors who have used the same services in the past.This is a good platform to learn of the most reliable contractors and also know the ones who don’t deliver us per the specifications of the project .Another place where you can source  for other renowned contractors is the internet.The internet have various companies which offer general contractors services.

After getting two or three reliable general contractors companies,it advisable to compare and contrast their rates for different  services offered,always settle for a contractor company which will meet your budget and also that which will offer excellent services.When this is done make an appointment to meet the contractors in person and discuss the vital details of the project at hand.A  reliable contractor should have an office where clients can visit each time they need clarifications on any issue arising during the project.

General Contractor Palm Beach

Another aspect to consider  when dealing with general contractors  is their reference from former clients.A reliable firm should at least give a list of  clients who  have been satisfied with their services.Ask for their telephone numbers, call them and hear what they have to say regarding the services of the contractor.A company  which refuses to grant references of their past work should be avoided at all cost.

 A reliable general contractor should have the necessary certificates which are relevant in the particular field of interest.The certificates should be valid and verified to meet the requirements of the particular state.The company should also be insured in order to cater for any loss or damage which might occur during the course of the work in the home and also to the workers involved.

Lastly to avoid any misunderstanding with the general contractor its advisable to put all the contracts details in writing.This will ensure that all the information required is well stipulated and  the term and conditions  clearly defined  to both the owner and the general contractor.

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June 29, 2012
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Tips On How To Prepare Your Building For Hurricane Season – General Contractor South Florida

Be Prepared For Hurricane Season

Get your House Reviewed Hurricane months are a critical period for Florida residents and hence being prepared with necessary precautions is always better. While having an evacuation plan ready is always sensible it is also crucial to safeguard your house. Securing your building with the help of a general contractor prior to the hurricanes saves you and your family from many unanticipated disasters.

  • House roofs pose dangers during hurricane season and a general contractor, from South Florida will be the best person to gauge their type, age and durability. The worn out or damaged metal, tile, flat or shingle roofs pose a danger and need to be set ready for the storms.
  • Metal roofs though best option for the hurricane season need to be checked for their rusting, flaking, loose screws and faded paint. A Florida licensed general contractor can help to judge about such signs of aging and help them to set in order.
  • Once the shingle roofs age, they lose granules and become exposed. Winds of high velocity can easily uplift the shingles and cause roof failure. Your general contractor can easily check their aging signs and also offer remedial measures against shingle roof cracks, splits, bumps and rusted nails. Flat roofs can cause uplifting problems during high storms. Your general contractor can access them and anchor and re-install them as a preventive measure.   Tile roofs add some classic beauty to any building but high winds can turn them into mere flying debris. Securing the loose, broken or missing tiles prior to the hurricane season is a good safety measure.
  • Condominium complexes or hi-rise apartments with elevators must be well prepared for their safe operation during storm season. All doors and window frames and the sliding doors must be checked for their proper functioning. It makes sense to move away valuable possessions and fragile objects away from sliding doors and windows. If possible get hurricane resistant shutters installed wherever necessary.
  • Framed structures of the patio and pool enclosures must be examined and necessary precaution taken. Turbine ventilators on your roof can be removed and safely capped. Your solar water panels need also to be safeguarded.

Your certified general contractor will assist you to take care of the above precautions. You can stay calm and remember to secure your insurance policy in water proof zip lock bag.

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June 22, 2012
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Condo Improvements: Do-It-Yourself, or Hire It Done? Remodeling Contractors Broward

If you are looking to upgrand and to remodel your condo, there are many different home improvements available to you. These range from changing out the carpeting to completely redoing the kitchen and just about anything else. Although you should always check it over with your housing commission to make sure you are able to take on the improvement, performing such tasks is a great way to add substantial value to your home. However, before you go about tackling any sort of home improvement, you need to see what tasks you can do at home, and what you need remodeling contractors for. If in doubt and you don’t feel comfortable performing any of the improvement tasks at home, a general contractor is always available, if you want a professional to perform the installation and home improvement

Remodeling Contractors Broward

Generally speaking, if anything relates to electrical wiring or major plumbing, you need to go with a general contractor. Working with wires not only is complicated but very dangerous, so whether you want to install a surround sound system inside the walls of the home or you want to upgrade the current wiring, this is something you need to let a professional general contractor perform. On top of this, although changing out a few pipes you can do on your own, if you are looking at ripping out the shower head or bathtub in order to correct water damage, you need to use a contractor to do so.

Changing the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen is more of an up in the air kind of home remodel. Although the task might appear a bit daunting at first, the actual removal and installation process is rather straight forward, as long as everything is measured out correctly. You might actually find you enjoy this kind of home improvement. The workers at your local home improvement store are great at providing any pointers or helping you measure out the tiles, should you need the help. Of course, when it gets to complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you need to go with a contractor. These professionals are able to properly install everything and ensure you always have everything set correctly. The last thing you want is for you to start a total remodel, only to find you have not done something correctly and have to either correct the situation or possibly bring in a general contractor to correct everything.

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June 15, 2012
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General Contractors Minimize The Cost Of Your Commercial Project – General Contractor Palm Beach

Whether your commercial construction project is of a grand or small scale, the time, money and resources spent are significantly reduced when using a general contractor versus various independent contractors.  Experts in the field of commercial construction, these contractors combine the skills and labor of multiple construction disciplines under one company’s umbrella.  The expertise, knowledge and experience that you would only dream of by procuring multiple contractors is available in one company.  Red and Blue Constructions, Inc. is one such company, serving Palm Beach in South Florida. 

Red and Blue Constructions is equipped for your commercial building and remodeling needs.  With a team of skilled contractors and subcontractors in its portfolio, Red and Blue Constructions is able to minimize labor and overhead costs as opposed to the hiring of contractors separately.  Plus, the expertise of their contractors is second to none in South Florida.  With over 40 years of experience in the business–the knowledge, techniques, attention to detail and professionalism show in the final product. 

The benefits that general contractors have over independent contractors are significant, especially when working with complex, commercial construction projects.  Timing is a big factor.  Logistically, a project needs to run smoothly and timely in order to be cost effective and meet deadlines.  Having a variety of contractors on hand who perform anything from air conditioning to carpentry to landscaping saves an enormous amount of time.  This is beneficial to both the contractor and the client because after all, time is money! 

Cost, as mentioned before, is a major factor.  A general contractor has the ability to absorb certain overhead costs that independent contractors may not.  This results in a lump-sum package which incorporates all of your construction needs in one low price, without having to worry about piecemeal projects with a variety of independent contractors.  Construction expertise and knowledge is definitely a major consideration.  The professionalism throughout the process provides clients with the piece of mind that the job will be done to their satisfaction. 

Red and Blue Constructions have streamlined and perfected the entire construction process.  From the planning and design, zoning and government approvals and to the construction phases, they are there to insure continuity and customer satisfaction.  The bottom line is that your bottom line will be less when working with seasoned professionals.  Come see why Red and Blue Constructions is the best general contractor for your commercial construction needs in South Florida!

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June 8, 2012
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Differences Between Hiring A General Contractor and Not Hiring One – General Contractor Broward

If you are a property owner or property manager in Broward County, South Florida, and you intend to put up a building, you may not resist the urge to dive in and take total charge of the construction process; perhaps as a way to save the cost of hiring a general contractor. However, before single-handedly taking on the challenge of building a house, allow some time to consider the effect of excluding a professional builder.

The commercial construction process is complex, and even though your subcontractors may offer particular expertise in various areas, if you choose to take over the role of contractor, you should weigh your ability to manage the whole process. A contractor has much experience in the building process and is familiar with big-picture activities and tiny details that are vital to achieving a well-constructed house.

Hiring a contractor allows you to gain access to a specialized network of resources and information. General contractors have a firm relationship with dependable subcontractors like plumbers and electricians, and are familiar with the duration required to complete separate phases of a construction process, which an inexperienced owner-builder may lack.

A contractor presents a team of subcontractors who are willing to work on your project and put in extra hours to finish jobs. You may not have such an advantage without a contractor since subcontractors may place you low on the scheduling priority list due to your lack of exposure. With a contractor you have the benefit of a higher scheduling priority granted to recognized professional builders such as redblue construction who require services continually.

An experienced contractor is aware about expected pitfalls in a building process and is able to offer quicker solutions since he or she handles similar problems routinely. For instance, during a natural disaster, a contractor has the knowledge to effectively prepare your jobsite for imminent high winds or heavy rain. Bad weather has the potential of wrecking havoc on your schedule and the construction quality, and a professional builder can assist in averting such troubles.   A professional builder in Broward is aware of building codes and legal issues in the state of Florida. Building codes are aimed at providing minimum standards of safety and health to the public. A general contractor in Broward deals with building codes regularly and knows the quickest ways of compliance with the many building rules. Check out Red and Blue Construction for your construction experts.

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